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Simple & Elegant Blue

This has to be one of my favorite designs for it's simplicity & color to say the least. For starters I really like making the ...

Mini Bridal Dress Cake

This has to be one of the funnest mini cakes that I make. Each mini-dress is a 1-2 serving cake covered in buttercream and draped ...

Bridesmaid Mini Dress Cake

These mini dress cakes are perfect for brides, bridesmaids or anyone really.

They can be customized with color, dress design, decorations, cake flavors, etc. and ...

Simple for 70

Some cakes you get to make are classic, like this mini cake for a woman's 70th birthday.

This cake was for an order with another ...

Dora Party Cake

This order was for a little Dora the Explorer fans first birthday & it turned out amazing. I love the bright colors!

The cake is ...

Giant Cupcake Cake

This giant cupcake cake is great for any occasion.

This cake was for a sweet little girl's first birthday party. The cake was Cookies n ...

Yes We Do – Bridal Dress Mini Cake

This Cupcake Envy-inspired mini cake is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and buttercream fondant.

The mini cake was accompanied by a few dozen cupcakes ...

Music Cupcakes – How Does That Sound?

 These were really fun cupcakes & cake that turned out better than I expected! They were part of an order with a mini cake!

Mini Cake – Heart


Vanilla mini-cake with lemon cream filling. Serves 6-8.

This mini-cake is ideal for valentine's day, a romantic dinner, or just because. Contact us (orders@simply-sweet....

‘Cheer’y Blossom

My recent Japan cupcakes inspired me, so I decided to make a mini cake for a neighbour of mine who threw her back out & ...



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