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A burst of color

This cake really surprised me and reminded me that sometimes you need to take a gamble & sometimes things turn out.

When the client first ...

One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Tequilla Cake & More!

This was a super fun cake to make for a great client to surprise her husband for his 50th Birthday.

It's a Chocolate Brownie cake ...

Spiderman 3D Birthday Cake

Spiderman, Spiderman.... make a 3D cake - YES I CAN!

This is one of my coolest cakes yet! The client wanted something that would really ...

Cute & Cuddly Animal Cupcakes

These are cupcakes for a little boy's first birthday party! [gallery] These cupcakes were done with Savauri Sugar providing the toppers.

Bright & Sunshiney Yellow Cake


Such a cute & fun cake! Intended for a wedding, I really think this cake can be customized to any color scheme and I ...

2-Tier Birthday Cake for Princess Amélie

This was a last minute cake order for a little girls 5th birthday party. She was having a princess party and her mom was very ...

Habs Cupcake Party Favors/Takeaways

This was such a great idea I had to share it!

The client was holding a birthday party for a Montreal Canadiens fan at a ...

Manly Cupcakes

What do you make for manly cupcakes??? This one was a challenge, it is always a challenge for cupcakes for men. For ladies and girls ...

30th Birthday Cupcakes

A custom order for a daughter visiting her mom in Montreal to celebrate her 30th bday celebration - they wanted something plain. [gallery]

A Princess and a Pony times 2!

What do you do when a client needs cakes for twin girls - one loves princesses and the other loves pony's?? Make a cake that ...



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