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Caution: You’re about to read our mouthwatering menu. Get a no obligation & hassle-free online quote right now for your personalized cake or cupcakes order.

Here are our Simply Sweet Creations flavorings – please contact us if you don’t see what you are craving and we will do our best to help you.
(See below for prices)

- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Coconut
- Lemon
- Carrot
- Banana
- Mocha
- Apple
- Red Velvet
- Almond
- Yellow Pound Cake
- Strawberry
- Black Forest
- Pumpkin
- White Chocolate
- Squash
- Caramel
- Cookies ‘n Cream
- Tiramisu
- White Russian
- Creme Brulée
- Chocolate Mint
- Butterscotch
- Pumpkin Spice
- Green Tea
- Chocolate Chili
- Low-calorie Pineapple
- Low-calorie Chocolate
- Gluten-free Chocolate
- Gluten-free Vanilla
- Dairy-free
- Egg-free
- Vanilla Buttercream
- Chocolate Buttercream
- Mocha
- Peanut Butter
- Brown Sugar Buttercream
- Lemon Cream Cheese
- Strawberry Frosting
- Honey Cinnamon Frosting
- Caramel
- Vanilla Cream Cheese
- Maple-inspired Cream Cheese
- Chocolate Ganache
- Caramel-inspired buttercream
- Coconut Cream Cheese
- Pina Coloda Frosting
- Buttercream (asstd flavor)
- Raspberry Preserve
- Chocolate Ganache
- Vanilla Cream
- Chocolate Cream
- Bailey’s Cream
- Banana Cream
- Lemon Cream
- Strawberry Cream
- Caramel Cream
- Cream Cheese
- Oreo Cookie Crumb
- White Chocolate Cream
- Fruit Preserves
- Dulce de leche
- Sucre à la crème

Our Favorite Creations:
CHOCOLATE: Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate buttercream frosting
VANILLA: Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting
COCONUT: Classic coconut cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting covered in a cloud of shredded coconut
CARROT: Carrot cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting
BANANA: Banana (regular, chocolate chip or apple mix) cupcake with honey cinnamon frosting
MOCHA: Chocolate cake with mocha frosting topped with an espresso bean
APPLE: Apple cupcake with dulce de leche filling, vanilla cream cheese frosting & a dulce de leche drizzle
RED VELVET: Classic moist red velvet cupcake with vanilla cream cheese icing
CELEBRATE: Yellow pound cake with milk chocolate buttercream frosting and a fondant decoration
RASPBERRY TWIST: Vanilla cake filled with raspberry preserve and frosted with cream cheese and raspberry preserve
SIMPLY SWEET: Super light lemon vanilla cupcake with strawberry fosting and topped with sugar crystals
BLACK FOREST: Moist chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting topped with a cherry and chocolate sprinkles
PUMPKIN: Organic pumpkin cupcake with maple-infused cream cheese frosting
SQUASH: Organic locally grown squash cupcake with cream cheese icing
CARAMEL: A delicious ark chocolate cupcake filled with caramel and chocolate, topped with salted caramel icing
COOKIES ‘N CREAM: Vanilla cookie crumb cupcake with cookie crumble inspired buttercream icing
PINA COLODA: Tasty pina coloda cupcake (with pineapple) and pina coloda coconut rum-infused buttercream icing topped with party sprinkles.
TIRAMISU: Coffee syrup soaked vanilla cupcake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese frosting, topped with a coffee bean and cocoa powder sprinklings
WHITE RUSSIAN: Vodka and kahula soaked chocolate cupcake topped with kahula-infused glaze
SUCRE À LA CRÈME: Sucre à la crème cupcakes with maple icing and topped with a piece of sucre à la crème (also freat stuffed with sucre à la crème filling)
DUTCH APPLE: Tasty vanilla cinnamon cupcake with fresh spiced apples baked on top and a frosting center.
STRAWBERRY LEMONADE: A lemon based cake with fresh strawberry puree. Top this with strawberry frosting or lemon buttercream and form something extra fill the center with a strawberry filling.
MOLTEN LAVA: Moist chocolate cupcakes with an ooey-gooey chocolatey molten lava center.

Classic regular cupcakes $26/dozen
Creation cupcakes $30/dozen
Stuffed and custom cupcakes start at $31.50/dozen

Cake Prices
We strive to ensure that every cake is special and fulfills your creative inspirations and gourmet tastes.

Base cake prices start at $3.00 per person and go up depending on decorations and number of people. Final prices depend on size of cake, number of cake tiers, fillings, decoration/detail (flowers, hand carved fondant images, edible images, color-matched detailing, etc.). Our minimum cake price is $75.00.

Our cakelets/mini cakes (1-4 person) prices vary so please contact us for more details.

How BIG of a cake do you need?
Suggested serving sizes are approximate and are based on the average of 4″ high cake (2-layer) unless otherwise stated.  Our estimated portion sizes are party size pieces and are bigger than wedding size pieces (1″ x 2″). Eaxmple: a standard 8″ 2-layer cake would render 15 party size portions and 24 for wedding size portions.

Cake size Portions (serves approximately)
4 inch round 4
6 inch round 8
8 inch round 12-15
10 inch round 25-30
12 inch round 40-45
14 inch round 60-65


This chart is only an estimate, since the amount of pieces depends on how big you cut them. For details on how to cut a cake visit here.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
For custom or bulk order pricing, please contact us ( We are very accommodating and want to make sure you receive the Simply Sweet Creations you want.



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