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Year of the Dragon, Cake

I always appreciate when my clients give me feedback and LOVE getting pictures. This was for a cake I so enjoyed making for the Chinese ...

Black & White Elegance

This is a cake for one of my favorite clients who was hosting a wedding for her good friends.  All she said was something simply ...

A burst of color

This cake really surprised me and reminded me that sometimes you need to take a gamble & sometimes things turn out.

When the client first ...

Black and White variations

This was one of our first was one of our first weddings for the 2011 season and such a fun couple!

They were having 2 ceremonies (hey you usually only do it once right, so why not celebrate!!). So they were having a more formal ceremony for which they wanted a cake and an informal dinner that they wanted cupcakes and a small cutting cake.

Again they were starting a trend that ...

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Happy Birthday ‘le petit roi’

This cake was to help a little boy celebrate his first birthday. The mom calls him her little king (le petit roi), so I thought ...

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Spiderman, Spiderman….

Lately it seems that Spiderman is a very popular birthday cake theme! This cake was for a mom who wanted to add her own figurines ...

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One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Tequilla Cake & More!

This was a super fun cake to make for a great client to surprise her husband for his 50th Birthday.

It's a Chocolate Brownie cake ...

Spiderman 3D Birthday Cake

Spiderman, Spiderman.... make a 3D cake - YES I CAN!

This is one of my coolest cakes yet! The client wanted something that would really ...

Cute & Cuddly Animal Cupcakes

These are cupcakes for a little boy's first birthday party! [gallery] These cupcakes were done with Savauri Sugar providing the toppers.

Canadiens Out of Town Cake


What better way to celebrate your birthday when in Montreal than with a Montreal Canadiens themed cake!

This client was coming in with his ...



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