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How to Host a Cupcake Sale from your Garage

People love garage sales. They will happily walk onto a complete stranger’s property in the hopes of finding great deals and rare treasures. You can put their comfort level with home-based sales to work for you by hosting a cupcake sale from your garage! If you have been considering selling some delicious cupcakes for cash, here are some tips to help you make your sale a success.

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Local Regulations
Before planning your garage cupcake sale, take a few moments to call City Hall and make sure you are allowed to have one. Some cities may require you to get a special license for the occasion, and you may be required to let the health department inspect your home prior to the sale. It’s better to cover yourself legally ahead of time than it is to get hit with fines and legal complications.

People will wander a messy garage looking for treasures, but the same can’t be said of cupcakes. Take the time to clean your garage before the sale. Get things organized and put out tables for your cupcakes. Cover the tables with fresh tablecloths to maintain the clean feeling that will entice people into purchasing your incredible cupcakes.

You could sell just yellow or chocolate cupcakes, but people will want to know what flavors you have. In addition to the standard taste sensations, you might want to consider offering some unique flavors, as well. Make up a batch of strawberry and another batch of marble cake. Round out the selection with some pure white cupcakes and maybe even a few that are butter flavored.

It’s all about presentation. People need to feel like they are getting something special and wonderful. Put out boring cupcakes with no icing and your customers will leave wondering if you’re sane. Take the time to decorate them. The decorations don’t have to be time consuming in order to look fantastic.

• Use a large star tip to quickly ice the cupcakes with a cool, spiraling pattern. Finish off the cakes with some fun sprinkles for effect.

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• Use a grass tip to make the cupcakes look like grass. Then top them with candy bugs like ants and spiders. You’ll want to charge a little more for these, because candy decorations can be a little expensive.

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• Practice your flower making skills. Use an icing knife to put a smooth layer of icing on the cupcakes, top them with a few flowers and complete the look with twining leaves and branches.

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• Use a decorative tip to quickly ice the cupcakes. Dip the iced top into a plate of colored sugar for an even sprinkling of the confection.

• Top the cupcakes with small candies like M&Ms, Skittles or even jelly beans.

You will want to advertise your sale. There are several ways to do this. You can take an ad in the local paper, or put a free ad out on Put signs up around your neighborhood, just like you would for a garage sale. Be sure to post the time of your sale, the flavors you will have and your location. If the sale is for charity or a fund-raiser, be sure to include that information, as well.

Do not forget the boxes and bags. The goal of your sale is not to move sell a single cupcake to each customer. You will be striving to sell several cupcakes to each customer. Have boxes and bags ready so your customers will feel comfortable buying a full collection of your cupcakes. Suggest your different flavors to them and point out the different decorations that are available.

With a little prior planning, you can host a successful garage cupcake sale. Follow these steps so that you can call the sale a huge hit when you close the garage doors at the end of the day. Your customers will enjoy the cupcakes, and you will have a great time making and selling them.

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