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Too hot to handle?

No matter how experienced you are decorating cakes, you cannot control mother nature and one of the worst things that can happen is when it’s too hot to handle your cake … sometimes literally!

Even the greatest of cake decorators cannot control the heat and that includes the Caketress herself, Lori Hutchinson who did a great blog post on ways to help beat the heat.

Romantic All White wedding Cake

You know it’s near the middle of summer when the hot hot days keep us sitting by a fan. For cake decorators the most common concern is that heat destroys the cake by cake sweat getting the fondant wet and decorations sliding off. What is “cake sweat” and how do you avoid it? Well when the weather is so hot and humid and the cake is cold and put into the heat it starts to create condensation – much like when you take a cold beverage out to enjoy and the can/bottle drips condensation on the outside. This is the biggest concern when a cake is in the process of being delivered or going to an outdoor wedding. Here’s some tips to avoid cake sweat so that you can decorate without worrying about destroy your work. I hope this helps some of you that are battling the summer heat! If you have some of your own tips – feel free to comments below.

1. Try to decorate in an air conditioned environment. You can use fans and dehumidifying to assist if you do not have and AC.

2. Set your cake fridges to the warmest setting. This might sound odd but the colder your cakes are the more the cake sweat. This prevents the “shock” of the overly chilled cakes being put into a humid climate.

3. If the cake starts to sweat while attempting to decorate it, place the cake in front of a fan and wait for the condensation to go away before doing any work. You can do more damage by trying to get rid of the condensation manually or decorating when there is moisture on the cake.

4. When getting ready to deliver don’t deliver the cakes to early if you know they are not going into a air conditioned environment. ex. 11:00 am for a 5:00 reception. Deliver only a few hour/s before so the cake can last through the reception.

5. Make sure your car’s AC is going and box the chilled cake so that the sun won’t warm it up. There are also silicone packs out there that you can tape to the inside of the cake box to take away the moisture in the air.

Speaking of lovely summer cakes, here’s Natalie and Paul’s romantic all white cake for their wedding at the Royal Conservatory of Music here in Toronto. I personally love the all white color palette with the piped laced and sugar flowers. It makes it almost traditional and timeless. I freehand pleated texture to the fondant and created a sparkly pearl cluster. Congrats to the happy couple again! It was a pleasure making your cake.

Check out more on her  blog:

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