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Simply Sweet Sponsors Montreal ICRF Event

Sometimes you get to be part of something that is great and wonderful and if you are lucky enough to be part of something great that will help change the lives of others you should ALWAYS jump at the chance. So when a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to get involved in a local Montreal ICRF event being organized by a great group of young ladies, I jumped at the chance!

The ICRF Fashion Show 2011 – Our Mission: Remission took part March 12, 2011 at Coronoa Theatre (downtown Montreal) and Simply Sweet was very happy to offer cupcake bouquets for the event! Our most popular flavors (red velvet, chocolate & vanilla) were available for all those generous Montrealers who came out to support the event.

ICRF is a non-profit organization of physicians, scientists and volunteers devoted to supporting innovative cancer research in Israel and locally in Montreal with the Jewish General Hospital


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Montreal Cupcake Catering by Simply Sweet Creations

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