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Make your own Cake Release!!

Most bakers are a fan of anything that helps their cakes not stifk to the pan (like those from Wilton). You simply spread it on your pan before pouring in the batter and after baking your cake releases from the pan easily with a nice surface for decorating. After I ran out of my last store-bought brand…  I started asking around to a few cake-smarties for suggestions.

Expecting to get answers of where to buy it in bulk, I was pleasantly suprised when Mark from Morsels by Mark suggested I make my own. It was an epiphany, if I were a cartoon character a light-bulb would have lit over my head – it was so simply I had not even thought of making my own!

So he gave me a recipe and I tried it & I am in LOVE!!! It’s simple, easy to make & much cheaper than store-bought (that & you can control what goes into it). Here it is:

1 cup each of vegetable oil, flour & shortening and mix it in a blender until combined – you can’t get much easier!

The only draw-back is that it is not gluten-free, however you can easily make it gluten-free by usign gluten-free flour!

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