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Monkeying Around

This is a cake for a Montreal client who wanted a tasty cake but not all the glitz, glam and gooey-goodness of fondant decorations.

The cake is for her husband’s 44th birthday and she wanted a plain vanilla cake with vanilla filling and buttercream frosting. After much debate about some sort of decoration she settled on Barrel of Monkeys but only wanted a few (she didn’t want the cake covered in decorations, instead wanted something simple).

This cake really shows the difference a few small simple decorations can make. Take a look below to see the difference  of with or without monkeys.

She sent me this lovely note afterwards:

My boyfriend loved the cake. We thought the decorations and the monkeys were super cute. Thanks so much (and thanks again for giving us the bigger cake, there were leftovers so we sent some home with our friends).
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