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Is it a boy…. a girl… or a cupcake?

This is one of the coolest orders I’ve had! The mom & dad-to-be wanted to let everyone know (& find out themselves) the sex of their baby with cupcakes! They had an ultrasound and asked the Dr. to seal the baby’s sex in an envelope & then I made cupcakes with the appropriate gender color (blue for boy or pink for girl) buttercream in the center.

The cupcakes were for Christmas Eve, so we kept the decorations gender neutral with red or green baby faces for the holidays and other baby-ish colors (light blue, pink, yellow & green) and threw in a few holiday decorations for good measure.

It just goes to show you that there really is no limit to what you can do with cupcakes!

The mom-to-be sent us a note afterwards: “Everything went great.  People loved the cupcakes!  They were so good.  Chocolate and red velvet were the first ones to go.  Thank you and Happy Holidays! Thu”

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