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Where Do You Find Inspiration??

It’s fun when someone gives you a theme or idea they want & tell you to have fun (not so fun when you get absolutley no direction & are told to just ‘make it great’).

For a boy’s 5th birthday cake, I was told the boy wanted a golf theme cake & other than that to just have fun…  Where to begin?

I started by doing some research and found some pictures of other cakes I liked, and I found a few.

Since this was going to be a small cake so I had to get creative.

First I lookws at the ‘must-have’ aspects of the cake (a golfer, a water hole, a sand trap & a different color green putting green), what I would place it on, and how I would finish the small details (like covering the sides). Also, I knew I didn’t want to make it like the all too common ‘normal’ rectangle cake (normal is boring).  It would be nice to have a tee-off line, and a few other small things, but I had my importnat list to start!

Next I tried to figure out how to shape a golf hole, with pond and sand trap too. Once I figured that out I started to trim my cake and once it started to take shape I had to work with however it shaped up. It helped to outline the cake using my spatuala in the icing before cutting.

When it was all said & done, I have to asmit I was really happy with the whole process and how the cake finished.

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