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How Do You Cut a Cake?

When looking for serving sizes I came across this cool ‘how to cut a cake’ charts on the Wilton site that I wanted to share. It shows you for all shapes how to cut pieces 1″x2″ of a 2-layer high (4″) cake.

Round Tiers:
Move in two inches from the tier’s outer edge; cut a circle and then slice 1 in. pieces within the circle. Now move in another 2 in., cut another circle, slice 1 in. pieces and so on until the tier is completely cut. The center core of each tier and the small top tier can be cut into 3rds, 4ths, and 6ths, depending on size.

Square Tiers:

Move in 2 in. from the outer edge and cut across. Then slice 1 in. pieces of cake. Now move in another 2 in. and slice again until the entire tier is cut.

More available here.
SIMPLY SWEET cake serving sizes:

Serving sizes are approximate (for me I like really BIG pieces).  Our estimated portion sizes are bigger than wedding size pieces

Cake size

Portions (serves approximately)

4 inch round


6 inch round


8 inch round


10 inch round

20 – 25

12 inch round


14 inch round


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