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You Want the Cake How Big?

I’m making a BIG cake for my in-laws birthday and had no idea how big it should be. At first I was scared it’d be too small… then thought  too big…so I did some research. My other problem is I’m using 14″ round pans (shape of ’60’) & making 2-layer separate cakes for each number, & most charts are for ‘sheet cake’ rectangular shape. 

Basically I am glad I did the research below, now when I shape my cakes I will have to trim them a lot smaller, or else there’ll be LOTS of cake left over!

Here is the research I found:

First, I found out the industry standard serving size is 2″x2″ OR if you have skinnies on diets probably 1″x2″ OR if your like me & really like cake probably 3″x2″. That’s for the standard 2-layer cake (4″ high).

So, for 50 1″x2″x4″ servings, I need to do a “quarter sheet” (9x13x4) cake (gives 58 servings).

[For single layers – 50 2″x2″x2″ servings, you’d need to do a “half sheet” (12x18x2) cake (gives 54 servings). For 50 1.5″x2″x2″ servings, I’d need to do an 11x15x2 (“third sheet”) (gives 55 servings).]

This one from Country Kitchens gives you the amount of cake batter & icing you need & for all shapes:

Wilton Cake serving Amounts (tiered cakes):

I also found this one which is more detailed & specific for wedding cakes (a little more than I need for this project):

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